About the Show

SoCal Gaming Expo is an annual video game and esports event that has been taking place since 2015. It is dedicated to celebrating the gaming community's love for all types of games, from retro to modern. Over the years, the show has grown significantly and now takes place in a stunning 80,000 square feet space at the Pasadena Convention Center, located just 10 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles.

The event features over 200 vendors, gaming tournaments, arcade machines, cosplay, anime, special guests, panels, skateboarding, music, and much more. The organizers' mission is to create an expo that embodies the history and passion of gaming since the early 80s. They aim to commemorate all platforms so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

Thanks to long-lasting relationships with various partners in the community, SoCal Gaming Expo delivers one of the best gaming expo experiences in the country. The event owners are deeply involved in the gaming community and work tirelessly to create an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Show Team