Cosplay at the Show

Cosplay at SoCal Gaming Expo is a vibrant and immersive experience that brings together enthusiasts from all corners of the gaming world. As attendees roam the convention floor, they're greeted by a kaleidoscope of characters brought to life with meticulous attention to detail. From iconic heroes and heroines of classic video games to the latest protagonists from cutting-edge releases, every cosplay is a testament to creativity and passion.

The atmosphere crackles with excitement as photographers capture stunning portraits, and fellow fans eagerly exchange compliments and pose for group shots. Whether participants meticulously craft their costumes for months or spontaneously don their favorite character's attire, cosplay at SoCal Gaming Expo embodies the inclusive and celebratory spirit of the gaming community

Cosplay Contest - Hosted by Extra Life LA

The Cosplay Contest is open to attendees of all ages! If you would like to participate please click the link below to register

  • You must be a registered attendee to compete
  • You will be given your entry number on the day of the contest. Contestants will be seen by the judges in order of entry.
  • Please check in at the Extra Life LA Booth on the show floor the day of the event prior to the contest to be given your entry number
  • The contest is open to characters from published works; movies, TV shows, comic books, cartoons, video games, and card games.
  • Each contestant may only enter one costume into the contest.
  • Contest will take place on the main stage of the Exhibit Hall Floor

Extra Life LA is a beacon of hope and camaraderie within the gaming community, where players unite to make a tangible difference. This philanthropic group harnesses the power of gaming to raise funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, including UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital. Gamers of all ages and backgrounds come together for a day filled with gaming marathons, tournaments, and live streams, all with the shared goal of supporting children in need. Through their passion for gaming, participants not only forge lasting friendships but also raise vital funds to provide medical care, research, and support for young patients facing illness and injury. Extra Life LA exemplifies the incredible impact that the gaming community can have when it rallies behind a worthy cause.

Cosplay Contest Rules

Cosplay will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Craftsmanship – How the entrant made their costume, use of materials, and creativity.

Likeness/Detail – How close the contestant resembles the character they are cosplaying/detail on the costume.

Presentation – How the entrant presents their costume to the judges in pre-judging and how the entrant showcases their costume during the contest.

  • Please do not linger in the show area, in character or not. Everyone deserves a chance to have their costume seen, so please be mindful of contestants waiting their turn behind.
  • No acrobatics/flips/cartwheels will be allowed.
  • No part of your costume should be removed, destroyed, or otherwise startle or interact with the audience.
  • Contestants are not allowed to throw anything into the audience, use projectiles, or use anything in the show area that will leave a mess. This includes (but is not limited to) liquids, glitter, and confetti.
  • No pyrotechnics, fire, explosive devices, live animals, or similar special effects can be used during the competition. All prop weapons must conform to the prop policies, including being checked.

General Cosplay Rules

  • The use of makeup/body paint/body socks to darken your skin to the appearance of another human race will not be permitted.
  • All cosplay must cover "swimsuit areas" – no nudity. Body paint costumes are not allowed
  • Please follow the "PG‐13 rule"
  • Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols, will not be tolerated on costumes, gestures, or anything of the sort.

Prop Policy

All costume weapons and props must conform to federal, state, and local law. A weapon is considered anything that could accidentally or purposefully cause injury to another attendee. We ask that you use common sense when bringing any prop weapon to the event. Avoid bringing hard prop weapons to the event. It is encouraged to use light materials such as foam, composite, light woods, and cardboard be used for prop weapons. All prop weapons must be inspected.

Functional firearms are not permitted in the event or on event grounds. Not allowed:

  • actual firearms
  • BB guns
  • airsoft guns
  • pellet guns
  • paintball guns
  • cap guns

All prop, toy, or fake firearms must be clearly marked with a brightly colored safety cap on the barrel. We will have a cosplay check and all foam weapon look a likes must be tagged by a SoCal representative.

Functional projectile weapons are not permitted including;

  • slingshots or other sling devices
  • crossbows
  • long and short bows
  • rubber band guns, etc.

Bows and the like are permitted so long as the string is removed or loosened to the point that it cannot fire a projectile. Arrows or projectiles are allowed so long as they do not have a sharp tip and/or any sharp tip is removed.

Metal blade weapons that are sharpened are not permitted; swords daggers knives throwing stars axes

Blunt weapons are not permitted including; hockey sticks baseball bats nunchaku clubs brass knuckles slug devices, etc.

Chemical weapons and explosives including fireworks are not permitted. Incendiary weapons, i.e., which spark, shoot flame(s), burn, smolder, or can otherwise cause combustion or which exist for no purpose other than to be lit with a combustion device.

Self-defense weapons, i.e., pepper spray, mace, stun-guns, and tasers are prohibited.

Any prop that does not adhere to the guidelines above will be asked to be stored off property, admittance will not be allowed otherwise